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YN Public Wild Turkey Hunting

Spring 2017



In 2011, the Yakama Nation began efforts to establish a huntable population of Wild Turkey within the open portion of the Reservation. (click here) After successfully translocating nearly 80 turkeys, the turkey population is growing and expanding beyond original release areas. Now after 3 successful years of spring turkey hunting we are pleased to announce the 4th annual Yakama Nation Turkey Hunt for the Spring of 2018.

These permits will allow the harvest of 1 Gobbler or bearded turkey within the cottonwood bottoms of the Reservation adjacent to the Yakima River. Hunters will be able to access and hunt thousands of acres of tribal hunting lands all to themselves. If you are interested in this unique and novel opportunity to hunt a spring turkey come down and purchase your raffle tickets today.

Office hours: M-F 9:00am-4:00pm

Our office staff location has moved to: 51 Wishpoosh Rd., Toppenish, WA, 98948

Permits and Lottery

In the Spring of 2018 we will be offering 3 (three) permits by raffle drawing. Each permit will allow 10 days of access to tribal hunting lands. Hunts will not overlap allowing a unique private setting to harvest a wild turkey. Fees associated with this hunt include:

Permits and Lottery Fees
YN Public Hunting Licence (Season) $35.00
One (1) Spring turkey lottery ticket $10.00 (no limit)
Special YN Spring Wild Turkey Permit $300.00 (limit 1 per hunter)


Seasons and Regulations

2018 Spring Season
Area Dates Restrictions Bag limit
Primary:           Satus Wildlife and Recreation Area Secondary:               North Satus and Schuster Rd. Wildlife Areas

1st Hunt: Apr 1 - 10

2nd Hunt: Apr 15 - 24

3rd Hunt: May 1 - 10

Gobblers and turkeys with visible beards ONLY Special Turkey Permits will allow only one (1) wild turkey to be harvested.               This permit and limit should be treated separately from any other turkey hunting season. 


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Special Regulations
Hunters must use adequate archery equipment or 10, 12, or 20 gauge shotguns capable of holding only three (3) shells or less. Archery equipment must be approved by YN Wildlife staff before use.
Hunters must use number 4 shot or smaller (reasonable shot sizes may include 4,5, and 6)
All hunters and company must carry a valid 2017-18 Yakama Nation Hunting license in combination with the special turkey permit. Limit one (1) companion at any one time.
Hunters must report a kill or wounded animal to (509)949-7437 immediately after hunt. Please pursue wounded animals
NO dogs or bait allowed for use in hunting turkeys


Spring Hunting Hours
Daylight Savings Time
Mar 9 - 15 6:55 7:05
Mar 16 - 22 6:45 7:15
Mar 23 - 29 6:30 7:25
Mar 30 - 31 6:15 7:30
Apr 1 - 5 6:10 7:35
Apr 6 - 12 6:00 7:45
Apr 13 - 19 5:50 7:55
Apr 20 - 26 5:35 8:00
Apr 27 - 30 5:20 8:05
May 1 - 3 5:15 8:10
May 4 - 10 5:10 8:20
May 11 - 17 5:00 8:30
May 18 - 24 4:50 8:35


Other Regulations and info

Hunting parties must contain only the permitted hunter with one companion (max). All members of the hunting party must possess a valid Yakama Nation Public Hunting permit. These hunts are and should be un-guided but information about hunting lands and turkey populations may be acquired from Wildlife staff.

Reminder: Because this is such a unique opportunity there is a permit fee upon drawing a hunt of $300.00 to obtain your permit. Each person will only be able to draw one hunt per year no matter how many raffle tickets purchased.

For more information on this project please contact David Blodgett at 865-5121, x6332